Fine Art Trade Guild

The Guild Commended Framer qualification is recognised worldwide as the prime qualification for picture framers. This gives framers the opportunity to prove the quality of their skills and demonstrate specialist techniques, such as textile framing and mount design.

Guild standards have been developed by and for the industry, and are designed to protect consumers’ art, as well as providing clear guidelines for manufacturers, framers, publishers and fine art printers. The Guild’s high standards for framing and framing products, such as mountboard and tape, enable framers and their customers to trade with absolute confidence.

Guild members agree to abide by the Code of Ethics and keep up to date with the latest standards, trends and materials. The Guild also provides standards and qualifications development, dispute mediation, merchant services cost savings and specialist information.

All Guild members agree to abide by the following Code of Ethics:

  • Observe the highest standards of integrity in all transactions
  • Protect the interests of their customers
  • Avoid the use of false, confusing, inaccurate or misleading terms, descriptions and claims
  • Make every effort to reach an amicable and speedy solution in the event of a dispute with a customer
  • Maintain adequate insurance protection to suit their business and customers’ needs
  • Represent itself as a member of the Guild only whilst a current member
  • Maintain and enhance the reputation, standing and good name of the Guild and its membership
  • Contribute to the advancements of the profession through development and support of Guild standards, the education of fellow members and consumers
  • Recognise the authority of the Guild in all matters relating to the interpretation of this code of ethics

The Guild celebrated its Centenary in 2010. That’s over 100 years of supporting the art and framing industry. We’re proud to be members and proud to pass on to all our customers the assurances and guarantees our membership offers.